Case Studies

Berries as Bold as You Are

Jim Lambert, 53 – CrossFitter

jim lambert

What Supplements Do You Take?

Currently, nothing. Just natural foods.

What Supplements Were You Taking Before Discovering Battle Berries?

I tried basically Creatine-type supplements and really never got anything from it. I personally believe that nutrition is huge in what I do in terms of CrossFit.

What Makes You Take Battle Berries?

I work out five to six days a week, and my muscle recovery with Battle Berries is incredible.

How do Battle Berries Help You Prepare for Your Workout?

It’s a part of what I eat everyday.

How do Battle Berries Help You Recover from Your Workouts?

I just know how I’ll feel the next day. I’ve gone to bed and forgotten to eat my Battle Berries (because I take them at night), and then the next day I think, “man, I’m kinda sore!”

How Do You Think Battle Berries Help You Endure the Killer CrossFit Workouts?

It’s part of my nutrition, the things I eat every day. They enable me to do these crazy workouts everyday.