Health Benefits

Berries as Bold as You Are


If you’re like most of our customers, the first thing you want to know is what Battle Berries can do for you. Research suggests that aronia berries’ natural anti-inflammatory properties come from their off-the-charts concentration of antioxidants. This ORAC-busting amount reduces muscle inflammation and lets you get to your next workout sooner.

ORAC is a standard of measuring antioxidants used by the USDA through 2012. Aronia berries (in particular the dark, cell-protecting skin) topped the charts, coming in 400% higher than blueberries.

Battle Berries seem to be filled with just about every good thing with funny-sounding names…anthocyanin, flavonoids, polyphenols…and, just to rub it in every other food’s face, have fiber and even a bit of protein. All in about 20 calories.