Berries as Bold as You Are

River of Life Farms is a family-oriented company with a passion for the best health possible. Intense exercise and a devotion to great nutrition are at the heart of our philosophy.

We sell Battle Berries because we believe in them. After our co-founder Brian’s brother died at a young age, Brian started investigating his own health with intense focus on the nutrition side of the equation. Although once a high jumper and star athlete, doctors found his cholesterol was through the roof, so he decided to fight it from the outside and the inside…with CrossFit training and aronia berries. Four months later, to his doctor’s amazement, his cholesterol was at healthy levels and he was in the best shape of his life.

Brian teamed up with co-founders Tim and Greg. Tim’s life-long dedication to health and fitness began as a young kid and took him into the Navy as a special warfare technician. He’s also spent years as a coach for his sons’ various sports teams and is an avid CrossFitter.  Greg has focused his life on bringing healthy foods to many through his family-owned food services company. His passion for yoga and basketball help him pass along his healthy lifestyle to his kids, and their kids.

Eating aronia berries isn’t new, but using them for workout recovery is. This amazing raw food is hand-picked and frozen within three hours in order to lock in its full nutrition. It’s not an easy process, but building a better body seldom is.

We’re extremely proud of aronia berries, and we want to hear your Battle Berries story so that we can add it to ours. Write us at YourStory@BattleBerries.com.