Nothing Better Than Customer Testimonials – We Love This One!

Berries as Bold as You Are

We are re-posting this, which originally appeared on our Battle Berries Facebook Page. It is a testimonial and Smoothie of the Day (SOD) by Christen DePetro, who leading up to her latest Warrior Dash, submitted 14 SOD recipes for the 14 days of training prior to the race she inspired her Godson to take part in. Great attitudes are infectious and something we strongly encourage here at Battle Berries! Live it! – Prepare! Endure! Recover! with this nice bit of inspiration coupled with a killer smoothie recipe! Go to and get yourself the worlds finest fresh frozen aronia berries!

H/T Christen DePetro!

“Good evening, Battle Berries. Here we are, at last, Smoothie of the Day #14… I took my teenage godson with me to participate in what was his first obstacle/mud run, Warrior Dash, in Copper Mountain today. He did a great job and I am proud of him for his initiative and bravery in facing something totally out of his norm.. And I am hoping he found some inspiration in what we took part in today. Likewise, I am hoping to have inspired even one person over the last few weeks to step up their nutrition, in as simple a form as a daily smoothie. I’m a big fan of Battle Berries, I imagine that’s obvious, and it’s because I’m a fan of feeling good (I know what it is to not) and they have helped me to achieve my health goals over the last year. It’s simple: I’m a bit of an intense person, and they’re an intense berry. It only takes one small thing to change reality; a moment, a race, someone’s time, a small berry that kicks things up a notch. All that being said, thanks for letting me invade your space for the last few weeks. I’ve enjoyed it. SOD #14 is a celebratory smoothie, of sorts, and the chocolate resembles the mud we crawled through today (I’ll be back to the kale tomorrow) ! 6 oz unsweetened almond milk 2 oz unsweetened coconut milk (pure, canned) 1 C Battle Berries 1 frozen banana 1 T unsweetened cocoa ice Enjoy, and take care!” – Christen DePetro