Paleo Pancakes Battle Berries Style!

Berries as Bold as You Are

This cadre of Battle Berries warriors started off early in the morning to summit Horsetooth Mountain last weekend! Mission accomplished! What are your plans for a Battle Berries kind of weekend? Might we suggest some Paleo Pancakes done up Battle Berries style to get you off on the right foot!?!

– 1 cup of Battle Berries fresh frozen aronia berries
– your favorite Paleo pancake mix (we prefer almond flour with some flax and maca)
– thick cut natural smoked bacon
Pre-cook your bacon; Lay down a series of bacon-shaped ladles of batter; press in your bacon and surround it with Battle Berries; slow cook these until golden brown to bring out the flavor of the berries; flip and cook til done; Hint: you can lay down another layer of batter on top to encapsulate everything if you choose and you’ll have an amazingly nutritious (and highly portable) trail lunch! For $5 OFF at check-out use code: battle5

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