Berries as Bold as You Are

Sure, we can say all these great things about Aronia Berries, but what do they really mean? What’s the science? How can I incorporate fresh-frozen Aronia Berries into my diet? How will they help me beat my personal best? These are all great questions. Visit our FAQ page for answers to the questions that other health and fitness fanatics are asking.

Antioxidants combat free-radicals, molecules that have lost an electron and start stealing electrons from other molecules. This leads to inflammation and disease in your body. Want to know more about free-radicals and the measurement standard for antioxidants? ORAC scores help us compare the potency of antioxidants in Aronia Berries to other sources.

What do you do with Aronia Berries? They’re considered the superest of all super-foods, and we have some super-delicious recipes that will get you started on your new, bold life with Battle Berries.

Aronia Berry case studies will illustrate the exciting change the berries can make in your life, and don’t miss out on our blog filled with articles on Aronia Berries, their use, and the impact made on the lives of people like you who have made the decision to improve their health.