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Team Battle Berries member Season Doty run’n free with the elk down “Battle Berries Highway”!

You never know what you’re going to encounter while training in Colorado. Check out Season Doty run’n free with the elk down “Battle Berries Highway” while training for The Boston Marathon!

Stay tuned for more on Season’s amazing journey to Boston!

Prepare! Endure! Recover!….with Battle Berries…and the elk! Fresh-frozen aronia berries!


For less than a cup of coffee….

Do you know that a single 2lb Battle Pack of Battle Berries, fresh-frozen aronia berries, contains 32 daily 1/4 cup servings (more than a month’s supply) making it the most economical, healthiest, anti-oxidant-super-boost of goodness you could ever buy!

Prepare! Endure! Recover!

Paleo Pancakes Battle Berries Style!

This cadre of Battle Berries warriors started off early in the morning to summit Horsetooth Mountain last weekend! Mission accomplished! What are your plans for a Battle Berries kind of weekend? Might we suggest some Paleo Pancakes done up Battle Berries style to get you off on the right foot!?!

– 1 cup of Battle Berries fresh frozen aronia berries
– your favorite Paleo pancake mix (we prefer almond flour with some flax and maca)
– thick cut natural smoked bacon
Pre-cook your bacon; Lay down a series of bacon-shaped ladles of batter; press in your bacon and surround it with Battle Berries; slow cook these until golden brown to bring out the flavor of the berries; flip and cook til done; Hint: you can lay down another layer of batter on top to encapsulate everything if you choose and you’ll have an amazingly nutritious (and highly portable) trail lunch! For $5 OFF at check-out use code: battle5

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Battle Berries Nation!

Battle Berries Nation! – Over the last ten days Battle Berries has been represented in triathlons from Tennessee to Colorado and beyond! We want to congratulate Danny Valles (left) and Jacob Fellure (right) for their outstanding performances at the Boulder Sunset Tri/Du/Run and the Nashville River Bluff Triathlon respectively. Danny and Jacob have made Battle Berries – Fresh Frozen Aronia Berries, a daily part of their training and nutrition regiment and are now reaping the “fruits” we call – Prepare! Endure! and Recover!


Nothing Better Than Customer Testimonials – We Love This One!

We are re-posting this, which originally appeared on our Battle Berries Facebook Page. It is a testimonial and Smoothie of the Day (SOD) by Christen DePetro, who leading up to her latest Warrior Dash, submitted 14 SOD recipes for the 14 days of training prior to the race she inspired her Godson to take part in. Great attitudes are infectious and something we strongly encourage here at Battle Berries! Live it! – Prepare! Endure! Recover! with this nice bit of inspiration coupled with a killer smoothie recipe! Go to and get yourself the worlds finest fresh frozen aronia berries!

H/T Christen DePetro!

“Good evening, Battle Berries. Here we are, at last, Smoothie of the Day #14… I took my teenage godson with me to participate in what was his first obstacle/mud run, Warrior Dash, in Copper Mountain today. He did a great job and I am proud of him for his initiative and bravery in facing something totally out of his norm.. And I am hoping he found some inspiration in what we took part in today. Likewise, I am hoping to have inspired even one person over the last few weeks to step up their nutrition, in as simple a form as a daily smoothie. I’m a big fan of Battle Berries, I imagine that’s obvious, and it’s because I’m a fan of feeling good (I know what it is to not) and they have helped me to achieve my health goals over the last year. It’s simple: I’m a bit of an intense person, and they’re an intense berry. It only takes one small thing to change reality; a moment, a race, someone’s time, a small berry that kicks things up a notch. All that being said, thanks for letting me invade your space for the last few weeks. I’ve enjoyed it. SOD #14 is a celebratory smoothie, of sorts, and the chocolate resembles the mud we crawled through today (I’ll be back to the kale tomorrow) ! 6 oz unsweetened almond milk 2 oz unsweetened coconut milk (pure, canned) 1 C Battle Berries 1 frozen banana 1 T unsweetened cocoa ice Enjoy, and take care!” – Christen DePetro

USA Today – Aronia berry gaining market foothold in U.S.

More great press for America’s berry from USA Today!  Battle Berries only offers the finest aronia berries for sale in the United States!

Check out the full article here:


CBS News catching on to the aronia berry….

Aronia berries are in the news…again…CBS News!  As we watch this amazing berry work its way to its proper place atop the podium of the super-food Olympics, we take great pride in providing our customers with the finest aronia berries for sale in the world!  Battle Berries is leading the charge in bringing America’s berry back to America…and into the diets of the best athletes, and fitness and nutrition minded families!

AroniaOnVine Read the full article

Juicing verses Blending

Here is an interesting and balanced article on the benefits and attributes of both juicing and blending! Here at Battle Berries we know that the aronia berries that we sell are only of the highest quality.  To be exact, our berries are selected to be only in the two highest classes of berries – Class 1, or Class Extra – meaning that our aronia berries have excellent, blemish-free, skin and fiber making them perfect to put directly into your smoothie as a whole, raw fruit.  We dedicate ourselves to providing only the finest of aronia berries for sale to our customers!


SOD (Smoothie Of The Day)

Smoothie of the Day

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As we enjoy Father’s Week….yep….Father’s WEEK, we are calling your attention to this amazing SOD (Smoothie of the Day)!  This is a high-octane, super-food, super-antioxidant, sustained-energy monster that will give any Battle Dad a fresh outlook on the adventures of the day….and faster than you can utter the words – Carpe Diem – you’ll be half way through your WOD (Workout of the Day).  And, after the WOD, you’ll still feel like splitting that cord of wood behind the cabin!

½  cup frozen Battle Berries frozen aronia berries

6-8 dark cherries

½ cup chunk pineapple

1 cup raw baby spinach lightly pressed for full measure

2 tsp Maca root powder

3-4 oz pineapple juice, pine-orange-banana, or any favorite citrus juice

6-8 oz of coconut milk

Blend very well, enjoy, and hit the day like a Boss Battle Dad….or Mom 😉