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Loveland, Colorado runner and CrossFit athlete Nicole Fellure overcomes to return to the Boston Marathon following the tragic bombing of 2013

Loveland, Colorado, April 9, 2014– River of Life Farms, home of Battle Berries, is thrilled to announce our sponsorship of our dear friend, Nicole Fellure as she bravely returns to the Boston Marathon following last year’s tragic terrorist’ bombing.

“We at Battle Berries are so proud of our dear friend Nicole for her brave return to the Boston Marathon following the tragic events of the 2013 bombing. Her personal battle to overcome the fear and confusion resulting from the attack is to be applauded and represents the best of the indomitable spirit of America. Nicole, as a great American Mom, woman, marathon runner and CrossFit athlete, that is incredibly active in her community, church, and all that she touches for positive impact reflects our values at Battle Berries and we are proud to support her endeavors.” – Tim Fritz, CEO, River of Life Farms

Battle Berries – Berries As Bold As You Are!…are fresh-frozen aronia berries noted in extensive research as one of the highest anti-oxidant foods ever tested – 400% higher in anti-oxidants than blueberries. Their properties and benefits are too many to list and range from being anti-carcinogen, to anti-microbial, to promoting rapid muscle recovery, greater endurance, and act as a powerful anti-inflammatory to help elite athletes prepare for their strenuous workout routines and the entire family with super-powered nutrition. We all know that life can present us with physical, nutritional, and health battles at times. We at Battle Berries are truly blessed to be able to offer this whole, raw, Non-GMO, Fat-Free, Gluten-Free super-food as a great source of super-powered nutrition to help people overcome these battles…all without pills, or powders.  We decided to support Nicole Fellure nutritionally by supplying her with the Battle Berries she consumes, and monetarily by helping to supply her with high-performance gear, race entry fees, etc.

“I eat Battle Berries daily because they help me prepare, endure, and recover from my intense marathon training better than anything I have ever used. And, the fact that they are perfectly natural is the best! I feed them to my two young daughters, and husband too, to strengthen our entire family.” – Nicole Fellure

River of Life Farms, LLC, home of Battle Berries, is a Loveland, Colorado-based company that is dedicated to providing the healthiest food products available to our customers. We offer fresh frozen aronia berries for sale. We are also in the process of developing other nutritional products to meet our customer’s needs. River of Life Farms is owned and operated by Brian Bean, Greg Yancey, and Tim Fritz, all from Loveland, Colorado.

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Aronia Berries aka the Black Chokeberry

The common name for Aronia Berries is Black Chokeberry. “Aronia” comes from the scientific name, Aronia melanocarpa.

Black Chokeberries, or Aronia Berries, assume their color from the intense concentration of polyphenals, including anthocyanins. The levels of these beneficial organic chemicals are among the highest of any plants measured. Whether you call it a Black Chokeberry or an Aronia Berry, this super food gives your body the boost it needs to bounce back from your intense workouts and go back for more. Faster, stronger, healthier.

Browse the Battle Berries website for more information on the Black Chokeberry/Aronia Berry and how to get started on the road to better health.

Using Aronia Berry Products

Frozen Aronia Berries can be consumed in many ways. Before you hit the gym or after, throw a serving of berries into your smoothie. Don’t weaken your smoothie with ice cubes, use the frozen Aronia Berries as the “ice” to thicken your healthy concoction and add a bold, intense flavor.

Use your juicer to get the nutrients out of other fruits and veggies, but throw whole Aronia Berries into your blender to get the maximum benefit from this raw food. Paleo eaters appreciate the unique addition to their diets.

Aronia Berry products can be used in many ways, both frozen and thawed, to delight your taste buds, improve your health, and maximize your fitness program. Browse our website to learn about the science, get recipes and find the answers to all of your questions.