What are Battle Berries?

Berries as Bold as You Are


Why let a little thing like complete and utter exhaustion get between you and your next workout? Battle Berries go beyond sketchy pills and drinks to help you prepare for, endure, and recover from even the most intense workout.

Battle Berries are fresh-frozen aronia berries, also known as the black chokeberry. While they can be found around the world, few farms currently focus on them, and supplies are in high demand at least another three years, as that’s how long it takes for new plants to produce. We didn’t design them. Nature made them to be the ultimate fruit, and while many years ago native Americans were well-aware of their benefits, people have just now wised up to just how impressive they are.

Think of fruits as superheroes—most superheroes have a single superpower, such as super speed, flight, or invulnerability. Aronia berries are like Superman—all of the above, plus freeze breath, laser vision, and the world’s most bullet-proof chest.*

We’re not saying that aronia berries are the reason Superman is super, but we will bring it to your attention that many aronia farms and Old Man Kent’s farm are both in the Midwest…

* legal notice: Battle Berries will not give you laser vision.