SOD (Smoothie Of The Day)

Berries as Bold as You Are

Smoothie of the Day

Photo Jun 10, 12 18 40 PM

As we enjoy Father’s Week….yep….Father’s WEEK, we are calling your attention to this amazing SOD (Smoothie of the Day)!  This is a high-octane, super-food, super-antioxidant, sustained-energy monster that will give any Battle Dad a fresh outlook on the adventures of the day….and faster than you can utter the words – Carpe Diem – you’ll be half way through your WOD (Workout of the Day).  And, after the WOD, you’ll still feel like splitting that cord of wood behind the cabin!

½  cup frozen Battle Berries frozen aronia berries

6-8 dark cherries

½ cup chunk pineapple

1 cup raw baby spinach lightly pressed for full measure

2 tsp Maca root powder

3-4 oz pineapple juice, pine-orange-banana, or any favorite citrus juice

6-8 oz of coconut milk

Blend very well, enjoy, and hit the day like a Boss Battle Dad….or Mom 😉